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Belly Casting

To Preserve Your Bump Forever

What is Belly Casting?

Belly casting is the process of making a plaster cast or mold of an expecting person's form.

The casting process is designed to allow the expectant person to feel honored and pampered. Their comfort, well-being, and relaxation are prioritized throughout. The process of creating a belly cast usually involves the use of a barrier to protect the skin (coconut oil, sunflower oil, vaseline), then, plaster is applied to the pregnant belly. The mold can also include the chest, arms, hands, or full torso. 

The only materials used are completely safe for both pregnant person and baby/babies. 

A professional-quality, lasting memento of the expectant person's beautiful and unique pregnancy shape is created. Your cast will be treasured as a lasting reminder of your pregnancy and will provide a beautiful connection to this special time in your family's lives.

The  Process

1) Please contact us to discuss your interests and ideas as well as ask any questions you may have. When you're comfortable, we will set-up a convenient time to do the belly casting. Belly castings are typically done from around 35 to 38 weeks gestation and typically take up to one hour. 

     Note:  You can feel confident that we will provide all the necessary supplies. You don't need to do anything else aside         from showing up!

2) When we arrive, you will be treated with the utmost respect and care from start to finish. We will clearly explain the process to you, answering any additional questions and addressing any concerns you may have. Your comfort is most important, so if you would prefer your partner assisting with applying the barrier cream, please let us know.
3) We will begin by applying a barrier cream on your skin to protect it from the plaster. This also aids in a quick removal once the mold is dry. 
4) Once the cream is applied, we will begin applying strips of plaster over the desired locations on your body. We generally do about two layers. This process takes the bulk of the time, generally lasting 30 to 45 minutes. 
5) Once dry and the cast sounds hollow when tapped on, we will gently remove it from your body. 
6) At this point, you will want to shower to rinse off the barrier cream and paster residue.

7) Once completed, we will smooth the edges, reapply plaster for added strength, and coat the cast with a formula which smooths and strengthens it, once it is fully dry.
8) We can also prime the cast for decorating and add holes and a ribbon for hanging for an additional cost. Your completed cast will be ready within 10 days.
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