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Of Services

  • Free consultation

  • Service throughout pregnancy

  • 2x per month in person visits (1-2hrs) to go over any questions, concerns, experiences (if desired)

  • Attend doctor appointments, as needed

  • Exercises to promote positive thinking

  • 24/7 support via phone/email/text

  • Transition into labor/birth prenatals around 20 weeks gestation, if desired

  • Customized support tailored to your needs

  • Non-stop physical, emotional, and informational support


  • Free consultation

  • 2 to 3 prenatal visits (2hrs)

  • 24/7 on call support as soon as contract is signed and deposit received

  • Create a birth plan and a backup birth plan

  • Practice comfort measures with you and your support person

  • Unbiased educational support so you can feel confident in your birthing choices

  • Continuous labor support from moment you notify me until baby is born

  • 1 hr postpartum support immediately following birth

  • 1 postpartum home visit to go over any questions or concerns and to process birth story

  • Customized support tailored to your needs

  • Free consultation

  • In home postpartum support beginning immediately after birth, if desired

  • Emotional support for mother including processing the birth (or previous births), and postpartum depression

  • Assistance in instilling confidence in the parent in their abilities to care for their child or children

  • Breastfeeding, chest-feeding, bottle feeding, and pumping support

  • Assistance in cesarean birth recovery comfort (non-medical)

  • Care and strategies for twins/multiples

  • Light housekeeping (dishes & laundry)

  • Meal preparation

  • Infant soothing techniques

  • Baby wearing information

  • Infant care to allow parents to take care of themselves i.e. naps, showers, exercise

  • Bengkung belly binding session
    ​And much more!

  • Free consultation

  • Your completed capsules will be returned to you within 36 hours

  • Umbilical cord keepsake, if desired

  • 100% vegetarian, kosher, and gluten free capsules

  • 24/7 email and text support to answer any questions or concerns you may have

  • As soon as notified, we will come to you to pick up your placenta

  • You decide where you want your placenta processed; either my home or yours

  • Payment plans available


  • Free consultation

  • Food grade dye, colors of your choosing

  • Depending on length of cord, we can shape it in a heart, spiral, word, and more!

  • High quality watercolor paper

  • Spray finish, if desired

  • Name, date, weight of your baby can be written on the print, if desired

  • Possibilities are endless!

  • Free consultation

  • 4oz of high quality alcohol

  • Will be ready in as little as 6 weeks

  • This will have a very stable shelf life, with no expiration date

  • Tincture will offer many added benefits long after your capsules are gone.

  • Just belly

  • Chest and belly

  • Chest and belly w/ hand holding belly

  • Arms, chest, belly, hips


  • Drill hole and ribbon for hanging

  • Prime and finish with acrylic gesso

Cloth Diaper Class

  • Learn about various styles of cloth diapers

  • Hands on class

  • Answer any questions or concerns you may have

  • Washing routines

  • Safe detergents to use

  • Cloth diaper safe creams and lotions

  • and so much more!

Bereavement Doula | FREE

I am a certified bereavement doula, offering free support through times of loss or expected loss. 

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